Pegg and Frost at ‘World’s End’

British writer-director Edgar Wright, along with his rag-tag team of comedic actors and writers, famously including Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, are back with a third movie installment to finalize their Cornetto trilogy, following up their past comedies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. This time around Pegg and Frost alongside other friends visit their old hometown, after some convincing on Pegg’s part, to finish The Golden Mile-a famous pub hop challenge they never fully finished. Upon doing the challenge, the crew finds out their hometown has changed quite a lot since the last time they had been there and the townspeople are now secretly under an alien invasion.

The movie comes out strong right away with its artistic directing and musical and narrative aspects making the movie interesting and funny from the start with a recap of the gang’s old days together to start the movie going along. The approach to how the movie is stylized and presented is all in thanks to Edgar Wright, who has also directed Scott Pilgrim vs. The World- for fans who enjoyed the movie’s style, The World’s End will give off little bits of that abstract storytelling and visualization found more in the other Cornetto films while also making it feel completely new.

Throughout the rest of the movie the music accompanies the cinematography greatly, to give it that feeling of friends hanging out and the whole idea of friendship the movie encompasses.

The jokes and style of the movie immediately feel just as they always have in previous Wright/Pegg films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, with quick wit and never going for the obvious. The World’s End has the same refined smart humor that has been there in the previous films but still feels completely new and fresh. Fans of Pegg and Wright are sure to enjoy the movie and find it just as funny as the previous films, if not funnier.

The World’s End moves swiftly through its plot while keeping the humor consistent and takes you where you would never expect, making it just that much more enjoyable and exciting to watch. The twists and turns the movie takes you through makes it all such an original refreshing concept, something Wright and Pegg have always been able to perfect in their movies.

Wright, Pegg and Frost deliver a hilarious and totally original movie you will see unlike any other. Fans of the Cornetto films are guaranteed to love the movie and surely won’t be disappointed. The movie keeps a great pace, includes a stellar music soundtrack, and shoots quirky lovable jokes one after another. The overall state of the film welcomes lovers of British humor, crude but loving sentiments, and especially the excitement of beer drinking. With a movie about alien invasions, classic friendships and alcoholic partying all presented by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, you just simply can’t go wrong.