Breaking bad for ‘Breaking Bad’

Just about everyone talks about the hit show ‘Breaking Bad’ nowadays, and for good reason: it’s the best television drama to date. It hasn’t run on for too long like many shows, with its series coming to an end this season, and it didn’t run for too short either. The genius of the entire program runs along so bittersweet, with twists and turns at every episode, led by the finest acting you could see led by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

As protagonist Walter White has explained, “Chemistry is the study of change”, and this show itself experiments with that ideal having changed from a simple upcoming drama in its first season, to the most intense hour you could possibly go through while sitting in front of a television screen.

The show changed not just immensely in its plot but its dynamic as well. The show has managed to change the way a perception of a character can affect the story more as it progresses, making it just about the most realistic television series you could imagine. It acts so realistically, as time has progressed so have the characters and the decisions those characters made which continue to alter the course of the show. It’s almost like watching real life happen, an entertaining and gritty insight told in real life.

The acting couldn’t carry on much better if the cast tried, the actors always become so intact with the characters they play and fit their situations so properly, it all feels essentially natural. Especially including how different main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have become, the actors themselves deserve such applause at how well they can keep up with situations and the lifestyles their characters go through, you can’t help but just envision that character through the actor just seeing them outside the show.

I would say the thing that stands out most and really defies ‘Breaking Bad’ is how it all progressed from a simple idea of a chemistry teacher getting cancer, to a violent epic of a huge drug lord, totally changing the idea of consequences. The entire idea of chemistry and change are the basis for the entire program, I wouldn’t want to ruin anything for people who don’t watch the show, but fans surely know how in depth the story goes into the drug world and how it all affects the characters lives in the most surprising turn of events.

Many people have jumped onto watching the show, and it is now the most anticipated series especially with its end coming soon, many people will be sure to watch. ‘Breaking Bad’ has delivered such a realistic story arc and the best possible arrangement for how it all comes together, setting, characters, and every little tidbit to make the show so enjoyable and interesting as hell.

The fact that this show has come up to be so huge compared to how it was in the first few seasons is reason enough to show that you simply couldn’t go wrong to watch the show, and anyone who likes dramas but doesn’t watch ‘Breaking Bad’ are missing out on what encompasses true artistic performance. ‘Breaking Bad’ will end this month and just about everyone will be on edge for how creator Vince Gilligan will tie everything up, all you can do is expect the unexpected.