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Student Speak : Child Obesity

Here in America one in every four children are obese , with corporations offering low prices on bad food it in no surprise why America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. After interviewing a few students on what they felt was the cause on children obesity here is what they had to say:

Brenda Mendes, 18 : “Theres always a lot of art food commercials, theres never any commercials for healthy food.”

Brianna Bernar, 19  : “Healthy food is so expensive! Drive throughs are about half the price of what you spend on Healthy food.”

Miguel Cintero, 22 : “Its corporations fault! Just look at the ingredients that they put in everything. It all has corn syrup in it!”

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Michael Monroy, 21 : “Child obesity is bad for America! Its bad for our future! Its the corporations fault.”

Ryan Sykes, 22 : “Its the overuse of the internet, the T.V, its medias fault!”

Summer Nieto, 19 : “Its because healthy food is really pricey . Its easier for families to go to McDonalds where its cheaper. Its everybody’s fault!”

Alexandra Alcudia, 19 : “Its choice , its what you eat. Parents know what they are feeding there kids, so don’t blame it on corporations!”

Jessica Villagomez, 18 : “Parents buy them the food and say that it is okay for them to have. They should have a guideline on what they feed them.”

Erik Ramirez, 19 : “Sometimes parents don’t have the time so its easier to buy some burgers. If they really cared they could go out of there way to cook healthy food.”

Juan Aguilar, 19 : “Its both parents and corporations fault. When children are watching T.V. and say that they want whatever it is there seeing parents give in to their demand. Parents also do not emphasize working out or eating healthy.”

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