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Energy drinks a real killer

Can energy drinks really kill a person?

Yes they possibly can, I remember back in my class in high school. They brought in a nutritionist to teach the students about the dangers of energy drinks and caffeine levels. She taught us the dangers and how much caffeine we should intake and what drinks to avoid.

My culinary arts instructor told the whole class that a couple years ago there was a student in her classroom who would drink a Monster Energy Drink everyday. Then one day the student brought in two and to consumed them consecutively. The young man passed out, later on an ambulance came and the boy died from a heart stroke because of overdosing on the caffeine in his drinks.

I never or rarely will ever touch an energy drink unless I know what’s in it. So yes they can kill you, I myself try to avoid energy drinks when I can because I know what is in them.

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They are very unhealthy and don’t be fooled by their vitamins and natural energy supplements in them such as ginseng, guarana, etc.

In studies, ingredients in energy drinks may sound nice but are actually doing more bad than good. With this much caffeine supplements added into a drink it can raise your heart rate and kill you.

In recent news, there was a teen age of 14 who consumed two Monster drinks in the same sitting and died because it progressed her condition of cardiac arrhythmia with the caffeine content in it and the mother is suing the company for killing her daughter.

I think she is just foolish and will lose in the lawsuit, because who gives a 14-year-old energy drinks anyways?

When I was her age nobody needed energy drinks, my classmates only consumed soft drinks or water. Also what is she tired from? School, that’s something everyone has to or had to deal with and that’s including myself but I finished school no problem without having to resort to energy drinks to keep me up. I’ve had peers who would get around only three hours of sleep before school and they’ve never touched energy drinks. The drink also has warnings and the mother is a failure of a parent if she can’t monitor or check up on what her kids consume. So far there have only been about five cases of people who died from drinks from Monster.

I myself am studying to be a nutritionist; I know that minors should not be consuming energy drinks because it surpasses the limit on how much their body can take in. Unlike adults who have a higher tolerance cause our bodies are more developed.

So the moral of the story is to not let your young kids drink this stuff until their 18 to decide for themselves as adults, but ultimately it’s better if you avoid it altogether if you value a healthier lifestyle.a

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