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PC vs Mac cost and benefits?

In today’s society, you can see people from lower to upper class using either MACs or PCs. What I never understood was why people bought an overpriced computer such as a MAC. You could reap the almost the same benefits with a PC.

I myself started with PC but at first I didn’t enjoy it very much because the program used MS-DOS. You remember the green letters and black background? I didn’t really like them at all because they looked bulky and just plain boring.

Throughout the years, I started using MACs at my new school I transferred and began thinking it was amazing. But it was much more complicated and new things to learn, it did freeze a lot from time to time.

MACs are supposed to be freeze/crash free according to users of MAC. Yes, they do freeze and crash. It’s happened to me a couple of times, same as any other PC I would use too. It never made sense to me, why would one pay top dollar for something you could get at a quarter of the price.

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There are pros and cons to each side though; the pros being PCs can do anything a MAC can with more software available to use and freeware. If you are a gamer, PCs are an ideal because developers will always make games specifically for PCs rather than a MAC because of the huge user base.

The cons to using a PC are getting viruses such as spyware easily if you aren’t careful while browsing the web and downloading.

Also, you have to be careful when purchasing a PC since each one is built differently to accommodate every user and the quality of the product varies. It takes time to decide on a PC because there are so many kinds and research is necessary.

Pros for a MAC are its very user-friendly and it’s easy to install programs without too many complications. MACs are nearly virus free due to low amount of users, which makes hackers not even want to bother due to its pricing. Only one company makes MAC computers, which of course is Apple, allowing less research on which computer to buy, resulting in more time saved when choosing a MAC and they are built pretty well.

The cons would be that it can be too user-friendly, so much so, that people are put off by it because the controls are really limited. Accessibility to free programs can be very limited, which leads to paying more to get programs onto your computer.

So what would you choose? The longer route to purchase a PC or the short route to getting a MAC.

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