Legalize Gay Marriage, It’s Time

It’s 2012 and gay marriage is still an issue? I find it hard to believe that Americans are having a hard time accepting such a simple thing. As an openly gay American I find it repulsing that a given like marriage has become an issue just because of old fashioned, close-minded people. When did it become okay for someone to decide such an important part of human life for you? The way I see it is, if you have a problem with two men or two women marrying each other then don’t marry a partner of the same sex. Just mind your own business and quit trying to shove your beliefs down people’s throats. Each year millions of Americans marry for money or papers, but if two men or two women want to marry for love they cant? That’s ridiculous.

At this moment only seven states have legal gay marriage including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Washington and Maryland.  Even the District of Columbia, which isn’t really considered a state, has legal gay marriage. Yet here in California, which is a pretty liberal state; gay marriage isn’t legal. How can this be when California has a large gay population? San Francisco is practically the gay capital of the world, and West Hollywood is mostly populated by gays. Its time, time to accept it, get over it and legalize it.

Massachusetts, which legalized gay marriage in 2004, became the state with the least divorces in 2008. Gay people have and are struggling for their marriage rights, you better believe that once they manage to get married they will value it more than the people who just do it because they are bored.

Legalizing gay marriage would stimulate the economy thus creating some much-needed new jobs. According to The Williams Institute of UCLA Law School estimated that if New Jersey would legalize gay marriage they would get $248 million over three years and about 800 new jobs.

Being accepting of gay marriage might help us get out of this recession. Its time for gay marriage to be legalized in California and the whole United States. So when voting season comes around don’t forget about being pro gay.