Build-a-Bear Gone Wild

Ted, the story of a child’s wish bringing his teddy bear to life. As the grew up togther, Ted, became Thunder buddies for life. After watching Ted to me it would happen to be one of the best starts of Seth McFarlane’s motion picture to be a sort of a family movie where teens and their parents can go see a teddy bear smokes weed, buys hookers, and gets promoted for telling off his boss in his first interview, banging his co-workers on the produce and sells it to a family with four children. Get the picture Ted sometimes does cross the line.

After living with his friend John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) for most of his life. They lived their life on a show starring Sam Jones “Flash Gordon”. Ted has to move out so him and his girlfriend (Mila Kunis) can live their life together and a way for John to break away from his teddy bear. As they work on their relationship, John tends to still see Ted more than he usually should. As the movie goes on it begins to start becoming a family movie where losing someone is the hardest thing to happen but with a little magic Ted comes back to life.