The amazing spider-man review

Having been a huge Spider-Man fan my whole life, I’ve always looked forward to anything Spider-Man related-movies, shows, video games, etc. This movie brought me many expectations, hearing about how it was going to be different, how it was going to be another origin story but add different elements from the comics that past Spider-Man films may have dismissed; and it did deliver in that field.


The Amazing Spider-Man did bring about notable changes, some characters in particular were portrayed a bit differently than in the Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man films of the past featuring Tobey Maguire. The differences were just a tad different in Peter Parker this time. Andrew Garfield portrayed the wackier side of Spidey, the more charismatic persona the hero is very well known for. Tobey Maguire version of Spider-Man had that clowning around attitude too, but his seemed more in tact with the geeky side and out for justice. The personality Garfield brought was more reminiscent of what the newer cartoons like Spectacular Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-ManĀ portray Spider-Man as.


Emma Stone manages to keep a really good relationship with Andrew Garfield in the movie. They interact very well with one another for anyone interested in the relationships portion of Spidey films. Their chemistry flows rather swiftly as the movie progresses. Garfield also manages to make Peter have a good chemistry with other characters of the movie too, such as with Peter’s aunt and uncle, and with the antagonist, Dr.Connors.


The movie was able to add a bit of a fresh origin story to Spider-Man with just smaller things that add up to a wider effect on the movie in its entirety. The feel of the movie is different than the Sam Raimi films. It tries to set out a dark tone and environment to the whole background of the movie, but at times it just doesn’t feel like it fits in with Peter Parker of this movie universe. The movie all plays well together though, the people and the environment of this New York play together nicely for the most part–except for Parker’s more cheery attitude he displays rather too quickly after moments of the film that are meant to be dark,though the dark moments can be quite interesting at times.


There are moments in the film where the music doesn’t play to well–particularly a fight scene between Spider-Man and the Lizard–but it’s not enough to drive you away from the film. The action scenes keep you entertained for what they’re worth, since after all it is a Spider-Man movie, chances are the action is bound to be intriguing and exciting. The Amazing Spider-Man is a nice addition to Spider-Man’s filmography, but it’s certainly not the best. For casual superhero movie lovers, The Amazing Spider-ManĀ ought to keep you entertained, and it suffices for a trip to the movies. For more dynamic Spidey fans looking forward to this being the best film of the bunch, it may provide a decent watch, but not the greatest we’ve seen of the web-slinger.