Cutting Spending, The Wrong Way…

Rio Hondo College is planning on cutting security and tram driver services dramatically by this years fall semester. Other services that will be cut include parking lot and traffic control, security at satellite locations, special event security patrol, and escort services. The problem with the proposed cuts is that not only is only go to affect Rio Hondo at the beginning of each semester when the campus is heavily crowded and busy , but it’s also a very unnecessary and  unfair decision. I know that in these times if financial hardship and reduced federal aid, Rio Hondo is trying to cut spending and balance its budget, but firing minimum wage employees that help students and make the campus a better place is not the first place you should be looking to when it comes to cutting programs and services, not to mention that it will hardly be saving any money  to begin with. While I don’t have the much knowledge of the cost and services we use up in campus, I do know that there are other options when it comes to spending cuts. All I can do is now is use my voice in news and hope the head staff in charge of spending at Rio Hondo pay attention  and think of other strategies when it comes to spending and financing.