Chinese Club offers ­­fun, culture

Led by Chinese language instructor Robbie Godoy, The Chinese Club (TCC) offers an opportunity for all Rio Hondo students who are interested in learning and discussing Chinese culture and other aspects such as its History, Language, and Politics.

The Chinese Club meets every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in room A213. Robbie Godoy co-founded the club with Robert Ho, another Chinese language Professor; both are very excited to be contributing as a club. “As we make our debut as the first Chinese Culture and Language club on campus, I must say we are very excited to be a part of one of the many academic contributions made to Rio Hondo College”, said Godoy.

All students are welcome to enjoy and learn about China’s language and other aspects of this foreign and prosperous land. China is one of the fastest growing economic superpowers in the world and is also very interesting regarding its culture and practices. Students will be kept up to date on current and relevant knowledge in the Chinese community.

Students looking for a career in Business, Law, Political Science, and Foreign Language are recommended to become part of this new club. The club is also open to anyone that is interested in expanding their knowledge or anyone that is curious to learn about the Chinese culture and how it functions.

This club offers the opportunity to further the understanding of one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations on earth. The Chinese language, especially the Mandarin dialect, is becoming the most prominent language in all of mainland language in regards to business of education.

Chinese language is considered second, next in line to English, as one of the most important languages and this club provides the chance to further the understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

Chinese club will also provide a look at dialects other than Mandarin and the regions in which they are most spoken, with the strong focus being Mandarin. This club will also be taking field trips related to the Chinese culture and history. Robert Ho will be offering extra credit to all of his enrolled students who participate in the club.