Accreditation Team visits Rio Hondo

­ The Board of Trustees, Accreditation Team, and other Rio Hondo Community members held a meet and greet to review their self-evaluations on Wednesday, Sept. 30, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Board Room. Representatives from the Accrediting Commission visited Rio Hondo to discuss and asses the efforts and accomplishments the college has put forth to make the school a better place for students.

This meeting also gave the opportunity in the Rio Hondo Community to present questions, comments, or concerns about the school in order to receive some feedback from the Representatives. The assessment went off a self-evaluation folder complied with notes by the Board which rather impressed their fellow representative peers.

According to the representatives, this visit provided them with a glimpse of quality that Rio Hondo has to offer. The insightful interaction with students and staff members was just a reflection of the great work the Rio Hondo Community has gathered. The representative team also reinforced that everyone should be aware of their responsibilities.

This will help maintain the school so that no accomplishment or issue goes unnoticed. Overall, the Accreditation Team agrees Rio Hondo has a wonderful campus that is very well maintained which is something that impresses anyone who steps foot in the school.

Staff members at the meeting also expressed their satisfaction with the attentiveness Rio Hondo displayed towards student needs. The representatives understand that every school has its students with their variety of challenges. However, it’s the way the college goes about using its allocated resources to satisfy and tend to student needs.

This visit has proven to the representatives and more importantly, students, that Rio Hondo is very capable to provide such resources. Throughout the meeting, new Board member, Mary Ann Pacheco, and the rest of the community members remembered to emanate a friendly atmosphere so that the representatives could feel welcomed. This member driven commission will continue to encourage the community to help keep Rio Hondo excelling in as many areas as possible.