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RHC Pays tribute to 9/11

Rio Hondo held a morning assembly in front of the Continuing Education building, to pay tribute to the lives that were lost 13 years ago on Sept. 11.

The assembly began with a rendering of our national anthem, followed by a moment of silence and a reflection of the past.

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four major U.S. airlines. Two of the airliners crashed into both the North and South Twin Towers of The World Trade Center in New York City, eventually causing both buildings to collapse.

The third airplane crashed into the western side of the Pentagram in Washington D.C., while the fourth airplane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, with its intentional destination unknown.

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All four hijackings were announced as acts of terrorism, launched by the Islamic terrorist group, al-Qaeda.

The terrorist attacks resulted in the deaths of 2,996 people. 19 of which were hijackers, and 2,977 were innocent victims. The attack prompted President George W. Bush to declare war, in what became known as “The War on Terror”.

Americans each year, pay their respects on the anniversary of the attacks, to the innocent men and woman who lost their lives on that tragic day in New York City, 13-years-ago.

Many citizens however, have different biased opinions on 9/11 and the true nature of events that occurred. There are some who speculate that our own government was behind the attacks in a so-called “conspiracy theory”.

“9/11 is one of the reasons why I question to confide in our government. The conspiracy theories are nothing vague. They are very clear. Sadly we lost so many innocent citizens that day. Men, woman, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers; if this was the work of our leaders, it should be known”, says Rio Hondo student, Ramiro Flores.

While many students have their personal opinions about 9/11, others just feel strongly about the importance to remember those who perished.

“We must feel deeply sympathetic for the families of the victims lost on 9/11, as it was an event that will forever be in history, just like the attack on Pearl Harbor, The Holocaust, and The Armenian Genocide”, says Rio Hondo student, Toni Navarro.

It is crucial to remember the heroes and fallen innocent victims that perished. America not only lost fellow Americans, but also people who made huge impacts on the lives of the people around them. 9/11 is a day that will forever live in the hearts of Americans and shall always be remembered as it helps our country remain strong and reminds us to never lose hope.


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