SoCal earthquake shakes its residents

 La Habra was shaken up on Friday, March 28, by an unforeseen earthquake occurring at  8:08 p.m. The first earthquake happened startling local residents measuring at a 3.6., according to the United States Geological Survey.

An hour later, at around 9:09 p.m., the Earth experienced its second quake centralizing in La Habra, but this time measuring at a 5.1. This earthquake was felt throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding counties: Orange and Riverside.

The 5.1 earthquake was reported to cause damages in Fullerton to their water lines. Local businesses and stores also suffered damages in accordance to having merchandise falling off shelves and some minor wall cracks.

The US Geological Survey held a press conference regarding the earthquakes mentioning that the likelihood for a bigger earthquake recorded at 5 to 10 percent, but that the 5.1 was probably going to be the largest in the sequence.

La Habra’s Fresh and Easy experienced damages as well, having their shelves collapse and glass bottles splashed onto the floors. People in the area were frightened due to the many reoccurring aftershocks that were felt throughout Friday night carrying into the next day.

One of those aftershocks included a 4.1 shake in Rowland Heights, on Saturday, March 29, not too far from the previous epicenter; it occurred around 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon.

This moderate sized quake was again felt throughout the surrounding cities startling many who were already frantic about all the previous upheaval.

Earthquake County sure had a lot of residents living in fear through the weekend thinking there might be something bigger on the way. Many families began planning in case another large earthquake hit the area, but as the weekend ends people began to get back to their ordinary lifestyle.