Oath of Office Ceremony At Rio Cafe

Rio Hondo had an Oath Of Office Ceremony held on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at the Rio Cafe from 5:30p.m.- 7:00p.m.  Norma Edith Garcia (Trustee Area 1), was the first to take oath by Dr. Maribel Garcia, followed by Mary Ann Pacheco ( Trustee Area 3), who took the oath by former student Art Sandoval. Lastly, Madeline Shapiro (Trustee Area 5), took oath by Mayor Bob Henderson.

The ceremony began with the pledge of allegiance, done by Gary Mendez, (Clerk, Board of Trustees),  at 5:46 p.m., followed by a welcome introduction by Madeline Shapiro the Board of Trustees President.

The introductions were done by Russell Castañeda-Calleros, (the Director of Government & Community Relations). Teresa Dreyfuss, (superintendent/president), and Board of Trustees and Elected Officials.

Norma Edith Garcia, (Board of Trustee Area 1), in a speech said she would work hard to keep students a main priority, and  would continue supporting Rio Hondo running through the summer while other community colleges closed. Garcia, finished her speech by quoting Nelson Mandela.

Mary Ann Pacheco, (Trustee Area 3), talked about her years in Rio Hondo as a faculty member and attending Rio Hondo when she was 24-years-old. Pacheco, introduced her sister Consuelo, her nephew Marcos Pacheco, and her brother Ramon Pacheco and acknowledged all of the members of her extended family, and thanked everyone for their support.  Pacheco also mentioned her love and commitment to Rio Hondo College, and mentioned a metaphor she use to tell her students, “You can fill your mind with trash, or you can get an education.”

Madeline Shapiro, (Trustee Area 5), took the oath of office for the second time at 6:18 p.m. and mentioned she was a proud alumni of Rio Hondo College. Shapiro, mentioned that she was happy to be able to continue on the Rio Hondo Board of Trustees so she can make sure other students can have the best opportunities and experience that she had. Shapiro, also mentioned that she was ready for a “renaissance,” and discussed how much Rio Hondo has been growing, and will continue growing in the future.

The ceremony was closed by Teresa Dreyfuss, and the event was followed by a reception and the music of Trio Renacimiento.