Student Services office moves to a new location on campus

As of Nov. 27, the Student Services program has been moved to a new location. These changes have been made as a result of a recently approved realignment and reorganization.

The Student Success program and its councilors have now been moved to SS104 from 3467 to 3410.

It’s Dean Dr. Mike Munoz can now be found in 3467 as well as the programs

secretary Veronica Rodriguez.

The Student Services and the Dean of Student Services have been moved to the new location of room SU201 in 3427.              Dean Dr. Walter Jones can be found in 3427 as well as the

Student Services Clerk Typist, Cynthia Morales.

Students should be aware of the Student Services office changes and their new locations in case of any information or help students need from them.

If you wish to know more information regarding the newly implemented changes or, students are seeking to further inform themselves of the locations they have changed to, feel free to visit the Rio Hondo website at or call to (562) 908-3489.