Forensics team wins one gold and two bronze at tournament

RHC’s Forensics Speech and Debate team entered last weekends Nov. 26-27 PCC tournament with a whole lot of confidence, walking away with three of many awards each belonging to Turner Lynch, Victor Wright and Steven Villescas. It was a subpar, yet successful outing.

One of the three medals was a gold which was inevitably earned by Forensics President, Steven Villescas. Villescas walked away with yet another gold metal, something so impressive yet something we’ve all gotten used to. He’s been very impressive all thru the season, staying very focused at what’s at stake this year, and ultimately keeping one goal in mind, winning gold each tournament and of course taking gold come nationals.

Last debates winners Turner Lynch and Victor Wright both earned a bronze medal for the debate side of things. This duo has been outstanding so far, the chemistry is all there for them, and most importantly; the will to win.

Although winning a bronze is still considered a success; the RHC coaches are looking for a little more out of the Debate team, they believe they have the upmost potential to win gold every tournament, but only stop themselves from doing so.

RHC Forensics club Vice President, partnered up with Felix Rodriguez for debate in which also resulted in another successful tournament. They unfortunately didn’t place for a medal but both broke out. Not too shabby, considering the amount of competition that was present. This debate duo has also been very impressive from the get-go. Things are only looking up from here for the two. They started the season with a debate record of 8-0. Rodriguez and Perez are looking to make it to the next step as they prepare for San Diego’s crucial Tournament, which will begin Nov. 11.

In all, the Roadrunners concluded PCC’s tournament weekend with a few medals and a couple of break outs resulting in yet another successful tournament. RHC will be preparing all week for this weekends Grossmant College tournament; located in the of San Diego.

This tourney will be an early preview of what to expect come Nationals time, both importance wise and of course in the competition side of things. This will pretty much be the make or break to this season’s outcome.