Oral interpretation session sets pace for all Fall semesters

Rio Hondo’s Forensics Oral Interpretation team hosted it’s own Showcase on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 3 p. m. led by speech coach, Elizabeth Crossman. There were a total of nine performances. This event’s main purpose was to let each team member perform their piece in front of one another, giving them a glimpse of what’s to come in the upcoming main events.

Teammate Daniel Ybarra opened up the showcase with his prose entitled, “Sing-Sing Tattoo”. Ybarra kicked off the showcase with a great performance, he demonstrated a mass amount of improvement compared to his prior performances, but this was only the beginning to a great all around event.

This showcase didn’t count against anyone’s record or anything, it was more of a benchmark test to see how each team member has progressed over the last several weeks of hard work and dedication.

Two year man, Steven Villescas performed a piece called, “And how does that make you feel?” he of course showed us once again why he is a former gold medalist. Villescas displayed an impressive ability to go from one accent to another, as well as interpret different emotions, etc.

If you want a preview of the competition the Roadrunners will be facing in the near future, Villescas gives you that. Having someone like him in the team will only improve each student’s over all skill. Other students feed off his energy, willingness to win, and the intent to perform at a high level.

A high percentile of the team members are all new comers, so having a veteran like Villescas will have a huge factor in this year’s success.

The Oral Interpretation Showcase was a very successful event and provided team members with a realistic preview of what’s to come in the upcoming weeks and months. At the end of the day, each performer stood out in their own way, and most importantly demonsted overall improvements.

Be sure to catch all of the upcoming Forensics Speech and Debate competitions as things start to heat up in the department versus a variety of competitive schools.