Library technician wins prestigious award

The California School Employees Association (CSEA) awarded the Walter H. Blice Award for outstanding political service to Rio Hondo College Library Technician Sandra Rivera on Aug. 1.

Also known as the “Wally Award,” the Walter H. Blice Award is given to members who show excellent service through political activism. Rivera, the president of CSEA Chapter 477 at Rio Hondo, earned the award for her commitment to empowering fellow workers at the College and her counterparts throughout the region.

“Sandra being chosen as the winner of the Walter H. Blice Award is a testament to her being a champion of working men and women throughout her entire career…I am delighted to extend my sincere congratulations to Sandra Rivera on being selected for this honor,” states Rio Hondo’s Board President Madeline Shapiro.

The Wally Award is known

as the third highest award presented to a member by the CSEA.

The award is given only once a year and has been awarded for 30-years. Teresa Dreyfuss, RHC Superintenent/President, said it’s “no surprise” Rivera was  awarded such an honor. President Dreyfuss also sates, “Sandra has provided steadfast

leadership to the entire Rio Hondo College community…this award is well deserved and serves to validate all of Sandra’s contributions to this campus.”