FORENSICS: One final warm-up before first match

With yet another Forensics season and set of tournaments just around the corner, Rio Hondo’s championship Forensics Speech and Debate team has been preparing and practicing for the past several weeks with hopes to win big.

The team has been preparing themselves with the Forensics coaches, Grant Tovmasian, Elizabeth Crossman, and Libby Curiel.

All coaches have their own set of expertise and guts that will highly motivate the 2013-2014 team throughout the year.  They expect nothing short of hard work and contain assets that all members of this team will learn from over the course of the competitive season.

The first event will be taking place on Sept. 27 – 28 at El Camino College.

Although this tournament is considered a scrimmage and will not count against or for the team, they are still preparing to

enter the competition confidently.

With a great amount of rookies on this year’s team, practice will definitely lead to more tournament victories and championships.

This year’s team consists of Amin Almuhajab, Halim Almunajar, Jessica Andrade, Noa Bo, Stephanie Carranza, Kevin Cavada, Alexandra Checa, Ruben Cisneros,  Judith DeLeon, Jacky Felix, Juan Guerrero, Andrew Jimenez, Rudy Juarez-Pinedo, Lizette Lapena, Jose Larios, Reza Lawson, Dario Lopez, Michael Madrid, Robert Mendoza, Janine Montes, Kevin Moreno, Andrew Perez, Jenifer Quintanilla, Luis Rendom, Justine Reyes, Chris Rodriguez, Felix Rodriguez, Cesar Sanchez, Andrew Serrano, Hillary Torrence, Steven Villescas, and Daniel Ybarra.

Be sure to attend some matches between our team and our rivals this season. The Speech and Debate team ensures that you will be enthralled, and possibly motivated to join next year and participate in the competitive world of speech and debating.