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Technology grants awarded to Rio students

Rio Hondo’s technology department was awarded two grants by the Deputy Sector Navigator (DSN), one in Energy and Utilities and the other in Health.

The DSN has now begun to fund regional experts for the Los Angeles Regional Consortium as a way of supporting emerging workforce development sectors.

The DSN seeks to develop sector partnerships to improve within the sector for entry level and incumbent workers by recognizing training needs, gaps, coordinate curriculum development, and program alignment.

Of the five grants available for disbursement, Rio Hondo’s Tech. Department submitted three total applications, which included Energy and Utilities, Health, and Advanced Applications, in which two were awarded.

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Being awarded grants by the DSN is no easy task. Applicants must fill out various forms, provide requested data, and must abide by the application format instructions.

Once the applications are submitted they are graded on a 100 point scale. A minimum averaged score of 75 must be obtained within the reading process in order to be considered for funding.

Applicants are scored 10 points based on their needs, 10 points for their responses to needs, 30 points for annual work plan, 10 points for application budget/budget detail, 20 points for project management, five points for dissemination, and 15 points for overall feasibility of the program.

Benefits to Rio Hondo’s Tech department will include curriculum development, more classes for the students, and will also meet the needs of the students by getting them better prepared for jobs and even getting them jobs within the field.

Other Benefits include direct access to the California Communications college chancellor’s office (CCCCO) in order to develop program trends and opportunities, the opportunity to utilize Rio Hondo assets for contract training, the opportunity for Rio Hondo to maintain a leadership position within the regional consortium and the expansion of the Rio Hondo community and introduction of RHC capabilities to a broader regional constituency including industry, employers, and workforce development agencies and associations.

Rio Hondo students look forward to all the opportunities the Tech Department will provide as a result of their ineffable efforts put forth this year.

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