Princess accused of human trafficking

A judge released a Saudi Arabian princess (Meshal Alayban), after she posted $5 million dollars and agreed to be monitored by GPS until her trial.
The princess is accused of human trafficking after one of her servants escaped. The 30 year-old woman from Kenya, flagged down a bus and told her her story to a passenger on board.
The Kenyan woman ( and 4 other victims) were held captive and their passports were taken from them.
The victims worked for 16 hours straight, and only got paid $200 dollars a month.
Paul Meyer, Attorney for Alayan, argues that the dispute was over salary wages, but district attorney Tony Rackauckas disagrees and and says “This is holding someone captive against her will.”
The five victims have been released and have not charged any files.
There also sees to be no signs of physical abuse on any of the women. Alaban’s arraignment has been extended until July 29, and if convicted, she could face up to 12 years in jail.