Summer Bridge program continues to strive

Rio Hondo’s Summer Bridge program began June 21 for the incoming freshman that recently earned their high school diplomas.

Nearly 100 students visited to get a feel of the campus for their very first time. Students also got the chance to take their assessment tests for future math and English classes as well as learn about the other activities the program offers.

Participants in this program also received the opportunity to speak one on one with a counselor to discuss their educational goals.
The first orientation began at 9 a.m. The second at 12 p.m. In the mornings, they explored the campus’ services, including the bookstore, offices, and division buildings.

The second hour was held in LR129, so any students who came late were able to meet up there for the rest of the program.

For the past three years, the Summer Bridge program on campus for was made for high school graduates to have a stress free transition into their first year of college.

As the programs continue throughout the rest of the summer, please feel free to wave and say hi to any of the new students.

The program has been successful in previous years and will only continue to show what a great school Rio Hondo is as these students come and build their excitement for their first year in college.