Student draws knife in Transfer Center

A Rio Hondo student was removed by security without incident from the Transfer Center on June 6 by local Sheriff’s Deputies after being urgently contacted by faculty.
The student allegedly drew a small, unopened knife that potentially threatened the staff, initiating them to call campus security.
Security retrieved the small knife without incident and the Pico Rivera Sheriffs took the student and obtained his weapon.
According to Susan Herney (Director of Marketing and Communications) and other staff members, “The incident was handled well”. Due to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), it is unknown if the student will be allowed to return to campus.
The student remains in custody of Pico Rivera sheriffs at the department.
On a safety note, it is highly important for students, faculty, and citizens to remain vigilant and alert of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity being witnessed.
It is strongly advised that students must personally contact sheriffs to file a formal complaint and/or a report.
Also, as a reminder to campus dwellers in an emergency, use the blue light phones in the parking lots or in the upper quad, dial 911, or call campus security at 562-463-3490.