All About Fees

Students often wonder about the college fees, not including tuition, due before the beginning of every semester. “Where does my College Services fee go? Do I really have to pay the Student Health fee in order to not get dropped? Is this $1 Student Rep fee a joke?” We decided to take a closer look in order to clear up some of the confusion.

Let’s start off with an answer to a very concerning question. Students often wonder if they will be dropped for the semester if they do not pay off their debt from previous semesters. If your debt is less then $60 don’t worry, you will not be dropped according to the Rio Hondo College Drop for Non Payment Procedure. Secondly, let’s discuss the College Services fee. The College Services fee is $7 during the Fall/Spring semesters, and $4 during the Summer term. This fee funds many perks such as: The Emergency Loan Program, Student Leadership Awards Banquet, Free enrollment at the Children’s Center, Free Admission to RHC Theater Productions, Free Scantrons during finals, Commencement, and more. A full list may be obtained by contacting Dr. Mike Munoz, Associate Dean of Student Services. Munoz mentioned that students may opt out of paying the fee, but they would not be able to receive it’s benefits.

Next up is the Student Health Fee. The Student Health fee is $19 during the Fall/Spring semesters, and $15 during the Summer term. This fee supports the services provided by the Student Health Center and Psychological Services. Student Health Center services include the following: Diagnosis and treatment of short-term medical problems, blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol management, certain over-the-counter medications, free and low cost immunizations, and more. The Psychological Services are given by a full time clinical psychologist and a psychology graduate student. These services include individual psychotherapy, stress management, and biofeedback/relaxation training. Visit the Student Health Office in SS230 for more information.

The Student Health fee is listed as required, on the Rio Hondo College website. However, students who document religious reasons are exempt. The Student Representation Fee is $1 during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. According the Rio Hondo College website, this fee “supports student representation at city, county, and district government meetings.” This fee is also listed as required, but may be waived “by submitting a refusal in writing to the Student Activities office prior to registration.” Lastly, the GO RIO fee is a $7.00 mandatory fee that was approved by the associated student body to help cover some of the costs of the GO RIO program. GO RIO programs offer full time Rio Hondo students to access a Tap card which can be used on a handful of bus lines. Bus Partnerships honoring the GO RIO pass include Metro bus lines, Foothill Transit, Los Angeles County Public Works Sunshine Shuttle, Norwalk Transit, and Montebello Bus Lines. The GO RIO program includes student access on all Metro rail trains, but does include student access on Foothill Transits Silver Streak bus. The fee is charged to students when they register and the revenue from this fee is expected to cover over half of the total operational cost of GO RIO.

For any questions or concerns feel free to call the Office of Government And Community Relations at 562 463 7268. Although this information was hard to find, we think that it is important for students to know about where their money goes, and how paying or not paying the fees affects our student body.