Ribbon cutting ceremony for new pasenger drop off

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in Rio Hondo at the zone which is located between Parking Lots B and C on Thursday, Sept. 20, in honor of a new drop-off on the the east campus.

In Spring 2012, the construction of the east campus drop-off begun and became completed on August 2012. The cost of the construction was $287,000 (Measure A).

The ceremony started at 10 a.m. with an introduction by Interim Superintendent/President Teresa Dreyfuss, who happily introduced the Board of Trustees, the people behind the construction.

Norma E. Garcia, the president of the Board of Trustees gave a speech and explained the concept of the drop-off. The drop-off was built for the safety of the students and also to prevent traffic. Irina Barajas, President of the Associated students, gave her perspectives of the new drop-off.

Three cars then drove past the ribbon: two carts and a blue car. One of the carts were driven by our very own Roadrunner, it was also the last one to pass by. After the vehicles passed by, the ribbon was cut and the new drop-off opened. In addition to the ceremony, a group picture was taken of our Interim Superintendent/President (Teresa Dreyfuss), the Board of Trustees (Norma E. Garcia, Angela Acosta-Salazar, Gary Mendez, Vicky Santana and Madeline Sharpio), and Irina Barajas.

The ceremony ended at 10:21 AM due to the hot weather, afterwards, everyone helped themselves to breakfast burritos, cake and beverages.