The creative writing club opens its doors to students

The Rio Hondo College Creative Writing Club is inviting all students with a passion in creative writing to join them.   Whether you write poetry, plays, lyrics, short stories, blogs or scripts, the CWC is the club is for you!

The CWC was founded approximately five years ago by a RHC student who had a vision.  Regardless what you write, the CWC encourages you to join them in room A222 from 1-2pm every Thursday.  The first club meeting will be held on Sept. 27.  Join in with other students who share the in the same passion for writing as you do!

CWC Co-President, Becca Burt shares her love for the club with her words saying, “I am a first year member of the Creative Writing Club and I joined because I believe that creative writing is a constructive outlet and a stress reliever.  Some people play music, others may run… But I, myself, write it all down.”

When writers get together during club meetings they show up with work that has been prepared by them, to share and present it to club members who give feedback and advice on how to make the presenter’s writing better.   Also available are writing workshops in which club advisors bring different types of writing activities to help members.  Students are encouraged to explore and expand, venture out, on different forms of writing.

Club Advisor and Professor of English, Theresa Freije states “I encourage students who are interested in the creative writing process to attend our meetings.  Over the years, I have met quite a few talented, dedicated and creative writers who have participated in the club activities and transferred to various universities to continue with their creative writing.  Recently the Creative Writing Club hosted a poetry/fiction reading in Uptown Whittier which was quite successful. The CWC also published the first volume of creative writing from the members.  The Creative Writing Club welcomes all who are interested in creative writing.”