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The fall semester’s arrival

With school already closing in on its first month, Rio Hondo College students, both new and returning are still adjusting to the fall semester, which also marks the beginning of the school’s 50th anniversary.

Along with some new looks to the familiar campus there are recognizable faces in different positions.

Teresa Dreyfuss became the Interim President/Superintendent on July 1 following the retirement of Ted Martinez Jr. Dreyfuss previously was the vice-president of finance and business for RHC.

According to the Whittier Daily News, Dreyfuss does “look forward to another successful year, serving our students and supporting our community by providing a strong, efficient academic program.”

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Kenn Peirson, the former dean of Communications and Languages is now the Interim Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Pierson was given with the First Amendment Award by the State Journalism Association of Community Colleges at the state’s completion, earlier this year.

The new Administration of Justice building was presented to the public on June 16. The 32,000 square foot building was built for $3.9 million made possible by voter approved bond money. In addition to containing several programs for the RHC Division of Public Safety, the Police and Fire Academy; a Memorial Wall near its entrance commemorates 26 RHC alumni who gave their life while on duty as law enforcement and fire service officers.

The Student Services and Student Union Complex and quad are not entirely new after they each were presented with a ceremony on Feb. 29, but the $19.1 million project is a nice addition for both new and returning students.

Students, who were not in attendance at RHC this past summer, might have been unaware that in the lower-tier parking lots a staircase has been built.

The $1 million staircase project was done during the summer and though already complete it is not open yet for students to walk up.

As it is ideal for students that walk up towards school, making it easier and safer to be pedestrian among the parking lots, it can be troubling to students driving to school. Several parking spaces have been taken out of the lower-tier parking lots to provide space for the stairs, causing students to struggle with parking.

“I choose to take the 270 Metro bus rather than drive to school. Not only do I save on gas, but I am not a patient person and searching for parking at Rio does take a lot of patience” says Kimberly Romero, 20, of Whittier.

Another student claims that her first semester “sucks so far, not only because of parking, but also because of financial aid” Josefina Perez, 18, of Phillips Ranch, “sometimes I do try to leave the house two hours before my first class but it still takes me a while to find a parking spot”.

On the other hand, some students do not seem too stressed about searching for a parking spot. “Parking is not a major problem” says Raymond Lopez, 17, Whittier “it just takes a while and some spots are too small”.

So whether they’re taking the bus, carpooling, or leaving early, the Roadrunners make sure to make it to their hilltop campus for the 50th consecutive time this fall.

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