RHC transit fee: A solution for the GO RIO Program”

Registration for Fall 2012 semester has already begun, yet some students are left puzzled and are questioning the purpose,

as well as the cause of the GO RIO transit fee, especially those who are new to Rio Hondo College.
     During the May 2012 ASRHC elections, RHC students voted to pass the $7.00 GO RIO transit fee taking effect from Fall
2012 through the end of Spring semester 2014, which will help raise the income necessary to cover the GO RIO Program
     For those who are unaware of  the GO RIO Program, it offers all full-time students free transportation at a fraction of the
cost to all Metro buslines, Foothill Transits except the Silver Streak bus, Norwalk Transits, Montebello buslines,
Sunshine Shuttles, and Metro Rail trains, excluding the Metrolink with  a free transit pass,TAP (Transit Access Pass)
which were issued in Fall 2011 for those who are in good academic standing , owing no debts, and maintaining the minimum
of 12 units or more. The GO RIO program has been such a great impact for many and has been well supported by the
City of Whittier, City of Pico Rivera, L.A. Board of Supervisors, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and
the Office of Congresswoman Grace Napolitano, just to name a few, which became effective August 25, 2006 in
a partnership with all cooperating buslines to help make transportation more convenient, yet affordable to all RHC
students during the Fall/Spring semesters.
     According to RHC statistics, the Metro Busline 270 is used by 70% of all students, while the Foothill Transit 274 is
used by 86%. As you can see, the GO RIO Program benefits many.
     Since July 23, 2012, a $7.00 reimbursement has been made available to all RHC students for requesting and will be
issued only to the following:
* 100% online students
* 100% continuing students
* AJ/Fire Academy Training Cadets
* AB 540 students
* BOGFW or CalWORKS students
* Dependents of Veterans/Veterans
     If interested in seeking a refund:
1. Visit the Office of Government & Community Relations (L401)
2. Explain the reason for a refund, how you consider yourself eligible, which the staff will verify.
3. Complete a GO RIO transit fee form, requiring both the student & GCR signature.
4. Return form to the Cashier’s Office so the staff can process the refund request.
     For further questions, please contact the Office of Government & Community Relations at (562) 463-7268.
     Although it may seem unfair to most RHC students, the GO RIO Program is worth saving!