Dr.Martinez meets with Los Angeles County Advisory Council for the benefit of Hispanic students

President Ted Martinez helped students on the road to their futures as he met with participants in the Los Angeles County New Future Advisory Council recently to forge an alliance to aid Hispanic students. Rio Hondo College will become partners with the Los Angeles County Advisory Council to hold student conferences at Rio Hondo sometime in the fall semester to promote higher education for Hispanic students.

Since back in April, President Ted Martinez has talked of improving on the education of students, and joining with the Los Angeles County Advisory Council is just the right step he’s taking in doing so. He has already worked with other organizations and foundations to help students also. Dr. Martinez along with his planning committee have helped create events in the past that in turn benefited the students, whether directly or indirectly. They have created auctions and many sorts of events raising funds for the Rio Hondo College Foundation, providing students scholarships and other beneficiary tools for the students’ futures.

Rio Hondo in the past has helped Hispanic students in alliance with the Hispanic Outreach Taskforce, providing conferences to aid students. Joining with the Los Angeles County Advisory Council, Rio Hondo will be able to accomplish similar tasks of promoting high education for Hispanics and pushing students to move on with their career choices.

Student and parent outreach will be affiliated in these up coming conferences, pushing for a closer connection with anyone involved. The conference for students ought to get students closer to where they want to be and plan to be in the future, just representing a great way Rio Hondo manages to help out it’s student body.