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The love for music is inevitable

A twenty-four year old aspiring DJ knocking into different doors for an opportunity, an opportunity that will land him a stable DJ career that will reward him for the hard work and dedication he has put into becoming a better DJ all while maintaining a high grade point average and preparing himself to be among competitive soccer players. Music was not always in his plans Francisco wanted to make a difference the lights represented a situation between life and death. He was certain that he wanted a career that at the end of the day he had made a difference. Without forgetting about his passion for music.

How do you define a DJ?

The love for music is inevitable, it is in my DNA I don’t only listen to music but I breath music therefore to play music comes in natural, when I notice people dance to what I play and I see joy and laughs in their faces is what defines to me what the definition of being a DJ is.

Who is DJFranky?

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The idea of becoming a DJ had been crossing my mind for quite some time before I decided I was going to make it official. After I finally made up my mind I landed my first official gig June 28, 2012 I got hired a week before the event but as crazy as it might sound I was a DJ who had no equipment. But thanks to that decision, as crazy as it might sound, you get to read something about me today. The only thing I did have was my music that I had been collecting over the years, with not enough cash to buy all the equipment necessary to DJ. Starting Monday the week of my event I made a few phone calls to collect enough cash for a basic DJ system. Saturday was the day of the event and I had just learned how to connect the cables to the speakers the night before. But, I knew I was ready to rock’ n’ roll and I am here now. I am not looking for fame or money, the reason I DJ is because I love it. I finally get to do something I enjoy, oppose to previous jobs I’ve held, where I could not wait for the day to be over. But, I will not call it a job because when I DJ it does not feel like I am working; I am having fun and I get to meet people from different back grounds and ethnicities and so far I’ve met interesting individuals. And I have performed at places that I couldn’t think of or imagine. I find it very rewarding in different aspects, but getting paid is just a plus.

Francisco Torres immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of four. At a young age Francisco did not know the obstacles that will come his way but those obstacles also lead to great opportunities. Francisco has realized that coming to this country although he was presented at a short age with struggles to overcome being here has also been rewarding. Francisco enrolled to college in the summer, of 2009, after two years of graduating from high school.

Francisco’s unresolved legal status in this country made him believe he was unable to attend college. Without the right information and advisement he dedicated those two years to work in jobs were he was unhappy and unfulfilled. It was then he realized that was not the path he wanted to take his life. With the guidance of a friend, Francisco looked into different colleges, eager and exited to finally go back to school he found Rio Hondo to be the school that will prepare him as a firefighter.

Within two years Francisco received his Associates Degree in Fire Technology. Unable to fulfill the requirements to become an Emergency Medical Technician due to his unresolved legal situation, Francisco was back where he started the only difference now was that he had obtained his degree but had to work again in a low paying job.

Francisco began to play music that he collected over the years, in diverse events while continuing his education at Rio Hondo. He rapidly became involved within leaders of Rio Hondo becoming one of the ambassadors that involve programs such as out reach event organizers and campus tours. Francisco tried out for Dominguez Hills University soccer team and enthusiastically waits for the results. He will attend Dominguez Hills in the fall of 2013 where he will major in Digital Media Arts emphasis in Music Technology while finishing the EMT program he was forced to leave unfinished. Francisco’s diverse music has taken him to play his mixes at different events. He now waits to fulfill his long time goal to become a DJ.

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