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Student Spotlight: Alejandro Lomeli

Attending college, working and balancing a social life isn’t always easy. There comes a lot of prioritizing and compromising. There are days when students have to attend early classes in the morning then attend a long evening at work.

Alejandro Lomeli is a prime example that it is possible to balance school, work and friends. Now in his second year at RHC, Lomeli works while also taking online and evening classes and even finds time to see some of his favorite bands in concert.     Lomeli is majoring in Drug & Alcohol Studies to learn more about the effects they have on the human body. He plans to later transfer to UC Davis in Northern California.

His main focus is helping people and trying to gain a better understanding of their lives.     He was born in Bell Gardens on Jan. 1, 1994, and grew up in Downey. He attended Downey High School (DHS) his freshmen through junior year and Santa Fe High School his senior year.

While attending DHS he was an active member in many clubs like Junior State of America (JSA) which focuses on the current state of government, international issues and foreign affairs. Lomeli was also in Associated Student Body (ASB) from his freshmen to junior year of high school.

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Lomeli learned the value of strong leadership and communication. While attending Santa Fe he was also involved in student life. Growing up in Downey gave him the appreciation of small businesses anfriendly neighborhoods.    Throughout his life he has shown a great passion for government and politics.

He would like to teach people of his age how important of a role the government plays in our lives daily life. He also donates a lot of his time to local political campaigns.

When picking a college to attend, Lomeli was extremely interested in Rio Hondo. “I like the isolation of it being on top of a hill away from everything gives me the opportunity to stay focused more on school.” Lomeli also enjoys the diversity of students and the diversity of courses he has been able to take. “It is like a small neighborhood at Rio Hondo, everyone is always in constant contact with one another.”

Lomeli also spends a lot of time volunteering. Recently he has been a part of the Walk for Independence that  benefits mentally handicapped adults, The Revlon Breast Cancer Walk and Habitat for Humanity. He is currently preparing for the CHOC Walk that will occur on Oct. 12. As stated above, one of his greatest passions in life is helping others.      When Lomeli isn’t at his job or classes he attends a lot of concerts.

He went to Outsides Lands and FYF Festival this past summer. His favorite bands are Capital Cities and She Wants Revenge, which he has seen them both many times. Recently he has gone to see Interpol, Arctic Monkeys, Tiesto, The Killers and Moving Units.

One of Lomeli’s favorite places is Disneyland. He has been a pass holder most of his life and frequently visits the park. His favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean. Another ride he really enjoys is Tower of Terror inside of the California Adventure theme park. He usually goes to the park with sisters and cousins.

Like most people his age he faces daily struggles, but over comes them. He is very ambitious which helps him stay on track with school. He works extremely hard to achieve his goals and works even harder so they are attainable.

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