Fuji’s Famous: An experience out of this world

Imagine a long day at the beach and you’re just about done surfing. The waves have you exhausted and your hunger grows but your wallet is shrinking. You want good eats, but you’re balling on a budget limiting your options. Fuji’s Famous knows exactly where you stand and they’ve got you covered.

Fuji’s Famous is a small restaurant serving “SoCal Comfort Food” located in 15885 Gothard St, in the city of Huntington Beach. Their interesting take on combining Japanese-Hawaiian foods with familiar SoCal staple foods has caught many local’s attention.

With a good amount of selection I decided to order the “Teriyaki Beef Burrito” with Avocado and fried rice and a side of “Teriyaki Fries.” Armando Ochoa, photography student at Rio Hondo, ordered the “Avocado Teriyaki Bacon Burger” with a side of fries.

The first bite of the burrito was amazing! The avocados tasted fresh and perfectly ripe and the teriyaki sauce complemented the whole, it’s mouthwatering! The fusion on teriyaki beef with the burrito is genius and is perfect for those on the road in a hurry. The teriyaki fries were colorful in both looks and taste. Overall there’s a wide pallet of flavors ranging from sweet to meaty.

Ochoa’s “Avocado Teriyaki Bacon Burger” was just as good if not better than the “Teriyaki Beef Burrito.” “Oh yeah! It’s like the perfect burger,” Ochoa claims. “We’ve got to come back here!” The food had us both fixated, as the silence was filled with the outstanding taste of the food. We were amazed.

There’s no doubt that we would return for the second attack. Both of our orders totaled under $10 and for the quality you are getting, you can’t go wrong! While the downsides are that the restaurant is small and line was long, the food supersedes it all!

If you can care less about aesthetics and demand quality Fuji’s Famous will not disappoint. Speaking of aesthetics, rock their Tee and you will get 10-percent off! Even more bang for your buck!