Car of the week: 1971 Volkswagen Beetle

Classic is back!

This car of the week is a classic amongst car enthusiasts, the Volkswagen Beetle.

Sporting a new rebuilt factory stock engine the 1971 Super Beetle revs up hard on the streets of LA with style. Car owner Robert Garcia proudly flaunts his ride on Rio Hondo and drops some specifications. The grand total for all customization totaled to $1,500!

“I love my car because it’s a classic. Majority of the car is stock except for the wheels and suspensions,” Garcia says. “The car is equipped with 16 inch alloy BBS wheels; a company known for making quality race wheels.”

Although the car only has 60 horsepower the handling is astounding as the driver has complete control of the vehicle. “What I like about my car is that it drives like a go-kart. All of the new cars drive and feel the same, it’s boring. I never get tired of driving my bug”

As a beer connoisseur, Garcia took out the stock shifter and custom fitted a beer tap adding even more class to the vehicle. The beer tap shown in the picture is a Dundee India Pale Ale, one of the darker beers of the family. “I like trying different types of craft beer, it’s another one of my hobbies besides automobiles.”

Remember, drink responsibly! Don’t drink and drive!