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Holy smokes, Batkid!

America’s latest superhero, the Batkid, has been fighting crime along the west coast as well as touching the hearts and souls of people across the nation.

In mid-Nov. 2013, the city of San Francisco was transformed into Gotham, as Batman fans know, a city with many crimes to fight. Batman showed up to help the city, but the real hero and star of the day was his 5 year old companion, Miles Scott (Batkid), who donned his very own miniature batman armor to fight some crime.

Five-year-old Miles Scott was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 18 months old, and has just completed his chemotherapy treatment.

Over 17,000 people came together on Nov. 15 to transform the city of San Fran into the city of Gotham so the young man could live out his dreams of being the Batkid, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish foundation. “It’s been amazing.

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We never expected anything like this, on a level like this,” stated Miles’ father, “He’s in remission [now] so this has kind of been like the after-party for him, a way to kick it off, and chemotherapy is all he’s ever known. That’s the life that he’s known but this is kind of a way to celebrate the ending.”

The Batkid made a tour of crime-fighting through the city, arriving in his very own Batman-style Lamborghini; he started his day off the right way by following the cries of a damsel in distress and swooping in to save her.

The Batkid then proceeded to assist the “Gotham” Police Department in stopping the Riddler from robbing a bank, after that he stopped in Union Square to grab a burger with his Dark Knight mentor.

President Barack Obama posted his first Vine on Twitter thanking the young hero, “Way to go Miles! Way to save Gotham!” the President exclaimed to the new young hero. The Batkid ended his incredible day of crime-fighting by heading over to the AT&T Park to save the San Francisco Giants’ mascot Lou Seal.

The Penguin, another one of Batman’s notorious villains, had locked Seal up in a cage, until the Batkid showed up. At the end of the day, San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee held a ceremony commemorating the young hero by presenting him with a key to the Golden Gate City, known as “Gotham” for the day.

However, the Batkid’s superhero career didn’t end there; another sighting recently occurred on Nov. 25 when a distress signal went out that the Penguin had returned with the Joker to kidnap celebrity musician Pitbull. Pitbull just finished hosting the American Music


Awards when the villains locked him in his dressing room.                                Batkid, along with the Batman, swooped in once again to save the day by sneaking past the Joker and breaking down the chains that were keeping Pitbull locked up. The young hero also received recognition from the New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and received a

badge from the first Batman


film as well as his very own Comic featuring the Batkid.

The Batkid stands as a testament of the incredible things that people are capable of when they unite together for the good of humanity.

So keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity to help those in need, or even simply brighten someone’s day, and lookout… for the Batkid.

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