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A ‘Geeky’ store with women in mind

The meaning of the word geek has changed dramatically over the years. Until recent times, a geek has referred to someone that wore broken glasses and suspenders.

These days, the term geek was coined with the rising popularity of vintage comic book films and new hit shows like “Walking Dead”.

Joel and Maria Estrada have put forth much effort, time, and money into their stores, Geeky Mamas. Geeky Mamas originally started out as a “baby shower arrangements” business. Due to lack of revenue, the business started to go under.

So in attempt to make some of their money back, Mrs. Estrada decided to sell the rest of her products at the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con in 2009.

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Instead, she and her mother created and sold the item that Geeky Mamas is known for, the “Geeky Wok” hand bags.

The hand bags were so popular, that Mr. and Mrs. Estrada sold all twenty bags in less than an hour. Thus began the official journey of Geeky Mamas.

Joel struck a deal with his wife, he told her, “I’ll fund the whole thing, but you have to come up with the name.”

The name Geeky Mamas came from three different ideas. The first inspiration came from Mrs. Estrada’s mother in that there are so many women in the world with marvelous talents, but do not possess the resources to fully make something of these gifts.

Secondly, Mrs. Estrada felt there was a gap between females and the “geeky world”. Joel explained that when he and his wife would attend a Star Wars convention when they first started dating, the only thing female friendly was a pink shirt. With Geeky Mamas, Mrs. Estrada hoped to create something that was for women made by a woman.

Lastly, Mrs. Estrada said something to her husband that ultimately led to the name of the store, “I’m a mom, and you’re a geek.

My son is going to be a geek, and any future children I have will be geeks. Well, I’m a geeky mama.” Geeky Mamas offers a large range of handmade “geeky’ handbags, dresses, and aprons.

Their inventory also extends to collectible toys, keepsakes, and different pieces of art.

To the Estrada family, Geeky Mamas not only represents a combination of these three things, but also caters to geeks and non-geeks alike.

Geeky Mamas assists anyone who may not necessarily like Star Wars and comic books, but are hoping to make a connection with their spouses, friends, or children who are fans.

By 2014, the Estrada family would like to have a total of four Geeky Mamas stores as well as a Geeky Mamas café. They currently have two locations, one at the Cerritos Mall and one at the Buena Park Mall. On top of the expansion, they also hope create an outreach program with a female prison.

Geeky Mamas would like to rent a charter bus so the inmates can see their children Mother’s Day and Christmas. The store would provide the mothers with toys to give to the kids.

Geeky Mamas also wants to reach out to other companies in hopes of getting the inmates jobs after they have been released from prison.

For more information about the store or order inquiries, please contact Joel at [email protected]

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