‘Nightmare Before Christmas style’ cupcakes

This Halloween, I made cupcakes for my family. I baked one Jack Skellington batch and one Oogie Boogie batch. I got the idea from a recipe off the internet but I made them in a different way. With help from my friend and supervisor, Tanya Marquez. We planned on making 24, but we did not have enough cake batter, so we ended up making 16.

For the Jack cupcakes, I used mini Oreo cookies for the eyes, and used black icing for the mouth and the nose. The Oogie cupcakes were very complicated because making Oogie’s head shape was very tricky to create. We used marshmallows to help us by turning them inside out and then covered them in green icing. Instead of using black licorice like it said on the recipe, (and since no one really likes black licorice), I used the black icing to create Oogie’s mouth and eyes.

It took more than four hours to make them but it was worth it because on Halloween, my family tried them and they were delicious. It was my first time making cupcakes and I loved it. Even though the cupcakes were a little messy, I am proud of my good work.