Motorcycle of the week: 77′ Harley Davidson Sportster

Have you ever walked into the parking lot and noticed all the unique cars and motorcycles students drive? While walking to my car one day I got the idea to start writing about them. I left some cards with my information, and Jason Moreno was the first to reply.

The motorcycle of the week is 1977 Harley Davidson sportster. The special thing about this motorcycle is that it’s equipped with a hard tail rear end stripped down to the simplest form that has turned this bike to what is called a Bobber.

A Bobber is stripped down nearly bare to increase the speed and drop down on drag plus its weight. This look gives the bike a vintage look which gives the earlier Harleys from the 40’s and 50’s.

The engine that the motorcycle has is a 1000cc iron head.

Jason Moreno, the owner of the motorcycle said, “for future plans, I would like to take the bike completely down and re powder the coat the frame. I would also like to paint the gas tank, fender, oil tank, and I would like to get a 50’s style springer for the bike.”

Jason told me that the bike is a flash back into old Americana and symbolizes freedom. He has had this motorcycle for a year, and so far it has only cost him $4,000. The motorcycle is still in progress and will eventually be finished soon.

And as always, we’ll check back with him and post pictures of the progress.

And If you know a student who has a fixed car, or work in progress, let us know! We’ll post the story up online.