Horror books for Halloween!

Halloween is almost here, and for those who think they’re too old for trick or treating, you can relax with a horror story or poem. What better authors to choose from than these two incredible authors: Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.

If anyone is not familiar with Edgar Allan Poe, he was a master author of horror literature. He is best known for writing one of the most famous poems: The Raven. He also wrote many short stories on murder and mystery, including The Tell-tale Heart and The Purloined Letter. There is also an app that includes his work, and a museum in his old hometown in Richmond, Virginia, if you feel like traveling. But you will be fine stopping by your local library and looking up his work.

Stephen King, is another master of horror literature; but unlike Poe, he’s still alive. I have not read his work, but I have watched one of his movies, based on his novella, The Body, which adapted into the film Stand By Me. He is also responsible for writing one of the scariest novels, Carrie, which several adaptions have been released, including the classic film from 1976 and one they are currently remaking, starring Chlöe Grace Mortez as the title character.

King is also responsible for It, another novel that was made into film. This story is probably not for people who have a fear of clowns, (when I was a child I had a terrible fear of clowns). King also wrote graphic novels, one of his famous works is Creepshow. This was made into a a horror anthology movie. The first story creeped me out the most because nothing is scarier than a vengeful zombie killing for his cake.

If you like his work, I would say read his stories first before watching the film adaptions.

The best time to read horror stories is at night time. So while others go trick or treating, sit back and enjoy one of these pieces.