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Bundle up for New Years Eve in Paris with the French Club

Grab your passport, say “bonjour!” and ring in the New Year in Paris, France.

Mr. Bowen, French professor and French Club advisor at Rio Hondo, and other Rio Hondo students have organized a once in a lifetime trip to visit Paris, France for the New Years. Participants are not limited to French Club or French class students either.

Departure date is Dec. 27 from LAX and returns Jan. 2, 2014, which gives you plenty of time to discover all that Paris has to offer with it’s lovely hidden and not so hidden gems.

After the arrival at your hotel, your Paris adventure will truly begin. Test your fear of heights when you make it to the third observation deck at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Go shopping or even window shopping along the famous Champs-Elysees, drop by the Le Moulin Rouge. Eat as many crepes as you’re heart desires because there is nothing like the real deal; you won’t have any trouble finding them because crepe vendors are just as popular as hot dog and pretzel vendors in New York City.

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Like Royals? Check out Palace de Versailles and see the grandeur of a time gone by and the last home of Marie Antoinette and her husband, King Louis XVI before they were overthrown.

Visit the Louvre museum, home of the world’s most precious collection of art pieces to date, skip this destination and you will surely regret it.

Finally, catch your breath and enjoy the view from Montmartre; a white beacon resting on a hill, where artists colonize and paint along the streets and sell their art.  Many famous artists have been known to hide out here back in the day.

What could be more amazing than a destination like France for your New Year’s celebration? The answer is next to nothing.

Mr. Bowen held the first meeting for the Paris trip on Sept. 17, in room A204.  The meeting covered important items to bring such as, adapters/convertors so you will be able to charge your electronic devices, comfortable shoes (there will be a lot of walking), an umbrella – it will be winter after all, and warm clothing. Keep in mind, you are allowed only one 50 pound suitcase, so pack wisely.

The meeting also included a brief French lesson on key phrases that will help you get around Paris. Learning the whole French language isn’t a prerequisite for coming on this trip, most Parisians, along with many other European countries do know English. Although, please remember that you are no longer in the United States and that you are now a visitor in a whole other country; trying to communicate in French will get you a lot further with the Parisians than assuming they will automatically know and speak English.

For those interested in embarking on this trip, or simply want to acquire more information about it, please visit the website, and type in the tour number “1451365” in the box located at the right hand side of the screen, on the EFTours website.


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