First week: Good or Bad?

As the first week of school comes to an end people seem to have quite a unique perspective of the new school year at Rio Hondo.

I interviewed four students to get their own unique opinion and experience on their first week of school.

Blanca, a first year student proclaimed, “It was horrible parking, people need to consider better parking next year. My car got a door dent when I got back.”

A third year student named Ivan stated that, “Nothing has changed, everything just seems hectic as usual.”

A first year student also said, “It’s a complete different environment, you really have to work hard and stay focused.”

With different point of views from a variety of students, this determined that the main concern was parking.

Most students have a difficult time finding a place to park their vehicles. Most students also run a couple of minutes late to class because they are stuck searching for a spot and can’t find one on time.

The new Rio Hondo app can help you contact school in a easier way and determine where you parked your car or find a map of different parking sections around the school which can help in finding a parking.