Sea World, San Diego offers great vacation opportunities this summer

Want to have some fun with friends? Want to spend a weekend with family? Sea World San Diego is a great choice at only a 2 and a half hour drive from Los Angeles.

With various shows and water rides, it’s a beautiful place to get rid of stress and the summer heat.

While exploring the park, you can be a part of a variety of activities. If you want to walk around and enjoy shows, check out the show time on the back of the map and plan your schedule. Since every show is unique and impressive, it’s definitely going to be an exciting day.

If you are an animal person, here’s a good news: you get the chance to feed animals and talk to animal trainers in person! Also, it’s fun to learn more about marine animals, such as dolphins, sharks, and penguins.

If you just want to relax, Bayside Skyride provides you with the beautiful view of Mission Bay above the sea.

“Shamu Rocks” is my personal favorite in the park. This night show is only offered seasonally. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than sitting down in Shamu Stadium, and watching the performance of four humongous but intelligent killer whales. In fact, Sea World San Diego’s trainers have been working with killer whales for decades.

Accompanied with music and gorgeous lighting effects, these black and white marine giants breach and splash at the audiences. Watch out! If you are sitting in the front, you are going to get all wet.

Before making your visit down south, check out the park’s website so you can create a one-day plan. For some adventurers, one day isn’t enough to enjoy all aspects of the park, so I recommend staying as long as possible to be a part of all the attractions at Sea World San Diego.