Burgers that rock at a cost

What was once a burger joint on wheels has now become an established restaurant known as “Grill’Em All”. The season one winner of “The Great Food Truck Race” on Food Network has generated buzz with its metaled out theme diner and of course, one of a kind burgers.

Once customers walk in, the metal theme becomes overpowering. The first thing to notice is a mural wall that depicts two dragon like monsters, a wizard and burger creatures. Portrait frames of metal band members like Lemmy Kilmister and Rob Halford hang on the wall. If that’s enough metals songs are on playlist to enjoy while taking in the ambiance.
Then there is the menu, which is also metaled out, believe it or not it is! With burger names such as Powerslave, Behemoth, and Dee Snider. That, however, does not stop with most of the staff covered with tattoos, but do not judge a book by its cover! The employees had polite costumer service.

Variety is not a word to describe the menu with a total of 28 items, 15 of which are half pound burgers. (If on a budget though, it might be best to skip this place. The price ranges from $8 to $15). All burgers are cooked medium rare, but can be ordered to your liking. With that being said, the burgers do not fully match their value. Don’t get me wrong the burgers like “Jump in the Fryer” ($15) and “I wanna be Your Dog” ($12) are good, but that’s it, just good. It will feel like the nearly $30 spent on the meal could have been used for something better. Those that like to dine out and try new dishes this is good experience, but not a must have.
To combat the high prices is the rumor that anyone who gets a “Grill ’em all” tatoo will enjoy a lifetime getting 50 percent off their purchase, so everyone should give the burger spot at shot by visiting it’s Alhambra location at 19 E Main St.