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Dare to enter ‘Dark Harbor’


Scary Mary has once again risen and she’s been awfully lonely. The captain wants you to join the crew. How about dancing with the mistress, Graceful Gail?

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is filled with creatures that are waiting to give you a good scare.

Majority of college students are not going to knock on doors and retrieve candy. Here is a thrilling way to celebrate Halloween.

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A sailor from the Dead Rise maze attempts to recruit crew members by grabbing the

Dark Harbor is inexpensive and is going to give you an exhilarating time.

There are three mazes within the ship and three that are located outside the ship: Submerged, Hellfire, Containment, The Village of the Damned, The Cage, and Deadrise.

Don’t let yourself get infected walking through Containment. It is said Samuel the Savage is trying to escape out of containment.

Beware of the drop into Hell. Hold on or else you could fall into the flames in Hellfire. Deadrise is their newest maze this year. Guests wonder through with sailors haunting them down within a shipping containment and a sunken ship. It’s silent, suddenly the clanking noise gets louder and louder, the noise alone will give you a chill. Be cautious of the exit. Who knows if anything or anyone is lurking within the smoke?

Submerged, Hellfire, Containment, (the three on the ship) are the least scary. Those who are frightened easily should walk through these first. Submerged creates the allusion that you are out at sea with the sound of the waves created by a gushing waterfall. Within the maze is a pool with only one creature standing there.

The Cage is one to not miss. As soon as you enter, you walk through a moving tunnel filled with bright flashing lights. As you walk through, it becomes dark again then suddenly the flashing lights appear almost to the point of blinding the guests. The Cage happens to be inside the dome.

The Village of the Damned is bloody. Guests walk through the house and will find helpless victims chained to the walls. There is a man hacking a body with his next victim chained on the floor groveling for you to help.

A killer from the Village of the Damned, hacks away at his latest victim.

Guests will love the length of the mazes. When you expect to exit, you keep going. Don’t forget to watch your back; there are creatures outside of the mazes as well. You will love the horror.

The VIP experience includes access to the R.I.P. Lounge containing an all you can eat taco bar and a bar. Guests can return to the Lounge throughout the night. This package also includes front of the line passes. If brought online, the package costs $99 and at the door costs $109.

Hurry, only five more nights left. The remaining nights are Oct. 25, 26, 27, 28, and 31. Dark Harbor starts at 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. General admission varies in cost depending on the night. Guests can purchase discount tickets only online at

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