Drake and J. Cole Working Together

Rappers, Drake and J. Cole are two of the most influential artists in the music industry. Both are currently in the top 50 for most Spotify streams and have a combined 11 studio albums. They are also regarded as some of the best rappers of all time. The two have worked on music before with one of their hit singles, “In the Morning” reaching the top 1oo of the Billboard charts back in 2011. Aside from that song, Drake and J. Cole have seldom collaborated with each other.

Drake is currently doing big concerts in Europe for his “Assassination Vacation” Tour. Recently at his concert in London, he brought out J. Cole to perform his hit song, “Middle Child”. After the performance, Drake spoke to the crowd and hinted at making new music with J. Cole. When speaking on the mic he stated, “I can’t wait to make some new music with you. I know we were working. I can’t wait to let these people hear it.” As soon as the large crowd heard about the news they exploded in excitement.

The fact that these two superstars are making music together is big for the hip hop industry. It’s not too often that the best of the best collab in their respective music genre. To many critics, Drake and J. Cole are two of the top 3 rappers right now. For these two to finally come together again and make songs will be greatly appreciated amongst a lot of people.