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‘Roll Call’ honors veterans for two nights at RHC

Rio Hondo honored veterans with the play, “Roll Call”, by Alfred Lugo.

“Roll Call was held at the Campus Inn Theater at 7:30 p.m. on both Nov. 6 and 7.

Admission was free to the play, and open to the public.

Veterans were especially welcomed to come out and enjoy the acting of Rio Hondo students, connecting to the feelings and atmosphere taking place throughout the play.

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The play focused on young Latino veterans returning home from a long and dreadful war.

Tony, played by Adrian Patino, is the focus of the play as he returns home with a personal account of what happened in the war.

Robert, played by William Ticas, fought in the war with Tony and experienced horrific events that affected him deeply.

Tina, played by Josephine Osegueda, is Roberts’s girlfriend. She had a lot to handle with Robert’s post-traumatic stress and drinking problem.

All of the actors did an outstanding job in their roles and truly captivated the feeling of pain that actual veterans must had experienced in their time, as well as giving the audience a taste of the pain and misery of war.

“Roll Call” also presented racism during war. Latinos and other minorities were the ones doing the dangerous dirty work as opposed to the Caucasians.

Lugo was present the night of the play as he gave a speech introducing some of his friends and thanking the cast of “Roll Call”.

“Their insight to recognize and acknowledge the courage and sacrifices of our Latino Veterans and their contribution to our safety and the protection of our freedom in the United States of America is commendable”, said Lugo, of the cast.

“Roll Call” was a very touching play, yet a great way to portray and honor the veterans who risked their lives for America.


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