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‘Project Purgatory’ fails to deliver

Review Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

Rio Hondo journalism professor, John Francis, stars in an independent horror/action film entitled “Project Purgatory”, which offers a tantalizing plot but unfortunately fails to execute.

This post-apocalyptic venture pans out when a military designed virus accidently wipes out most of mankind. A group of survivors decide to take refuge in a facility warehouse.

Just when they figure out that there is no one left but themselves, a special breed of zombies called the “Radvics” emerge from the depths of the apocalypse.

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Caused by the virus, these flesh-eating zombie beings wait anxiously outside of the facility looking to capture and devour as many humans as possible.

The survivors do their best to lead a normal life in a violent, bizarre and hostile world when a stranger with weapons and deadly martial arts skills appears and holds answers to the deadly.

The stranger named Shinji (portrayed by leading actor Andre McCoy), appears and holds answers to the deadly plague. Throughout the duration of the film, he and the fellow survivors try to come up with a plan to fend off the Radvics.

Francis plays the character of a tentative doctor named Wilfred Blair who treats people when they feel ill. He is also in charge of searching for a cure in order to heal anybody who is infected with the fatal virus.

The storyline becomes heavily unoriginal when one of the survivors in the group antagonizes himself by purposely harming the rest of the group.

Finn Schmidt (portrayed by Michael Nagel), slowly tries to kill off his fellow survivors one by one without anyone noticing.

A series of events results in a final fight pitting the main protagonist Shinji and a “Super Radvic” Schmidt into a battle to the death, resulting in one of the silliest fight scenes ever shot on film.

The film’s fault lies in the fact that it focuses too much on the interaction between the survivors.

On paper, it sounds like a captivating idea, however the creativity lacks heavily.

Similar television series’ such as “The Walking Dead” are able to develop characters well using the crisis of a mass zombie apocalypse.

However, being that this was a low-budget film, these low-budget actors did not manage to entice the audience as much as they should have.

The film seemed dragged out by having very minimal action scenes until the very end, ultimately leaving a lot to be desired.

Overall, “Project Purgatory” was bland and lacked rich original content. The scripted idea seemed promising yet due to the insufficient amount of funds; it never materialized into an action packed zombie flick.

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