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W.C.T’s ‘The Lion in Winter’ full of laughs

The Whittier Community Theatre continued their 93rd season with “The Lion in Winter,” which debuted Nov. 7, at 8 p.m., to a crowd of eager audience members waiting to travel through time with the play’s unique costumes and props.

Unlike Whittier Community Theatre’s first fall musical, The Pajama Game, “The Lion in Winter,” by James Goldman, takes the audience to Henry II’s castle in Chinon, France on Christmas in 1183.

The production begins with King Henry II (played by William Crisp), allowing his imprisoned wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, (Played by Candy Beck) back into the castle to enjoy the Christmas holidays with him and their three sons, Richard, Geoffrey and John. Eleanor, who has been imprisoned for the past decade, agrees, but not before chaos interrupts the holidays when the sons begin to argue over who will take their father’s throne.

Richard the Lionheart, (played by Collin Mc Dowell) gives an amazing performance as the oldest surviving son of King Henry II. His portrayal of Richard shows a strong king ready to battle anyone who dares stands in his way.

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Geoffrey the middle son, (played by Brandon Ferruccio) shows his intelligence and sneakiness as he plots a scenario so devious that even amazes himself. Since he was not considered for the title of king, he goes to any lengths to beat everyone to their game to acquire the power he yearns for. His portrayal as Geoffrey was entertaining and soon becames a favorite character on stage.

John the younger brother (played by Jonathan Tupanjanin) showed a child who is unintelligent, drunk and full of tantrums. Tupanjanin’s acting of John was well done for the most part besides a few scenes where his character over expresses his frustration making the portrayal a bit annoying at times.

Crisp, gives an amazing performance as King Henry II. His character shows his different sides, both as father and king, when he breaks down out of frustration when he realizes none of his sons are fit to replace him.

Besides Crisp’s superb performance, Beck’s portrayal of Eleanor of Aquitaine won the crowd over. Her portrayal of a devious, heartbroken mother and wife was realistic and heartwarming, especially the scene where she is by her king’s side sharing a tender kiss.

Alais, (played by Jamie Sowers) played King Henry’s young mistress and oldest sister to King Phillip II. While at times her lines were difficult to hear, she did an outstanding job as her character grew and her love for her king is revealed in the last scenes.

King Philip II (played by Luke Miller) showed a patience and deceiving king, waiting to go to war at any moment. His accent was difficult to understand, but his scenes were crafted in such a way after a while his talent replaced the failing accent.

Directed by Lenore Stjerne, produced by Richard DeVicariis with special arrangements by Samuel French, “The Lion in Winter,” is a must see production full of laughs, memorable moments and rich in history while blending fictional scenes with factual characters.

Performances continue this Sunday at 2 p.m. and the play closes after Friday and Saturday next week from 8 p.m. matinee at 2 p.m.

Ticket prices are $15 for adults and $12 for seniors and students under 18.

For more information please call (562) 696-0600 for tickets, or go to Whittier Center Theater 7630 Washington Ave., Whittier for tickets at the window.

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