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Bill Murray delivers main role in ‘St. Vincent’

Review Rating: 3/5 Stars

Outside of a few short films; writer, director, and producer Theodore Melfi brings audiences his first big film, “St. Vincent”.

Bill Murray plays the main character Vincent who is a drunk, foul, and grouchy old man.

While most fans of Murray consider him to be a comedy legend, Murray plays his role flawlessly and hits the mark perfectly.

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Rounding out the main cast of the film is actress Melissa McCarthy (who starred in last year’s hit comedy film, “The Heat”), and the up and coming young actor Jaeden Lieberher.

McCarthy is very well known for her comedy roles (“Identity Thief”, “Tammy”); however she does a fantastic job playing a more serious yet down to earth character.

One of the biggest surprises of the movie however goes to the fantastic performance by Lieberher. The chemistry between Lieberher and Murray is perfectly in sync throughout the duration of the film.

Unfortunately, the cast of great lead actors and supporting cast cannot propel “St. Vincent” to the next step.

As good as the first two acts are at drawing you in and getting to know the characters, the third act becomes a little slow and changes the pace and tone of the film.

At this point, it feels like the film is dragging on and audiences will find themselves checking their phone to see how much time is left.

Although the third act may be slow and the film as a whole may be predicable, “St. Vincent” definitely does not fail at making audiences laugh and giving a warm feeling of joy and happiness.

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