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Band of Skulls, The Black Angels, and more perform at Moon Block Party

Thousands of festival-goers descended upon the Pomona Fairplex on Oct. 18 to take part in the third annual Moon Block Party.

Formed in 2011 by curator/musician Phil Pirrone in the streets of the Downtown Pomona Arts Colony, Moon Block Party has become a mecca of sorts for all those who enjoy a bohemian and “DIY” lifestyle. A truly inviting atmosphere, Moon Block Party has built an environment of warmth and intrigue with a line-up to match.

Opening the festival was Los Angeles local band, Wax Children. A small, yet exciting set, Wax Children set the tone and theme for the rest of the festival.

Although the crowd was small Wax Children played as if they were in front of hundreds, offering a dynamic and enthralling set that easily pleased those who ventured to the festival looking for a psychedelic payoff. Wax Children arguably put on one of the best sets of the day even if there were only a handful of people to witness it.

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Pulling in one of the largest crowds of the day were the Black Lips. Energetic and simple, Black Lips brought to the stage a reflection of what the festival stands for: laid back and hippie-esque vibes.

While the crowd were obviously some of the most relaxed and devil may care of the day, Black Lips fans are also some of the most devoted as every song seems to be a fan favorite. Crowd surfing was in full force and sing-along chants were heard through most of their set.

Band of Skulls and The Black Angels brought in the most energetic and rowdy crowds of the entire festival.

Band of Skulls live energy was almost palpable and felt like an invitation to the crowd to join them onstage, which at some points felt like the crowd would accept just that with open arms. No other band of the day felt as inviting and entertaining to watch as Band of Skulls, who truly excels at eliminating any border between them and the crowd.

The Black Angels definitely brought their own brand of style and intrigue to the stage as well, playing a master crafted set that not only felt alienating, but intrusive.

Their drone heavy arsenal of songs brought the crowd to a standstill, mainly due in part to their awe inspiring light show that seems to have been designed by God himself. If the music alone wasn’t enough to take your breath away, then the light show accompaniment would surely do the trick.

Image after beautiful image projected over the band while massively intricate and dire songs harped through the speakers and into the air itself. Until finally the show ends and you have nothing else to do but pick up the fragments of brain that melted from your head and do your best to fit them all back together again.

Although relatively small, Moon Block Party still has so much going for it. The atmosphere projected at the festival is of absolute sincerity: relax and have a good time.

With enough vendors and game booths to entertain while waiting for a band to go on, Moon Block Party ensures thrills all day long.

As of right now it’s still one of the best kept secrets but with a little more good word of mouth and good press, Moon Block Party has the potential to become one of the must-go-to festivals of the year.

Moon Block Party 2014 recap video via Youtube

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