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‘Tusk’ fails to deliver, huge disappointment

Review Rating: 2/5 Stars

From the mind of director Kevin Smith, comes the horror comedy-drama, “Tusk”. Yes, that’s right, a horror comedy-drama.

Readers of this review might say, “Well that doesn’t sound good at all.”

Quite frankly, they would be correct to assume that.

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A horror comedy drama makes no sense. That’s a bit like having a black metal orchestra, although that would make a little more sense.

Yet despite the ridiculous genre, the plot of the film was actually a breath of fresh air.

Finally, something different as it wasn’t your usual boy meets girl, girl hates boy, they fall in love, the end.

Cinematically the film was great. It was very appealing to the eye (for the most part).

If the film was split into two parts [one comedy and one horror], then they would each do well by themselves.

The comedy part of the film was very funny, from exchanges between Justin Long and Haley Joel Osment, who play two wacky podcasters.

Perhaps the funniest part of the film comes from a certain someone who isn’t even credited in the film, the one and only Johnny Depp.

Depp yet again delivers an acting masterpiece. Only someone like Depp could capture a particular reaction by the audience. As soon as he appears on screen, everyone shouted, “Hey! That’s Johnny Depp!”

As for the horror part of the film, it was dark and twisted.

With that being said, it was nothing different from what typical horror movies have shown before. It had the entire cliché aspects that one expects from a horror film.

If this film was strictly a comedy, it would be great.

If it was strictly a horror film, it would be great.

The director bit off more than he could chew with trying to incorporate the two genres together.

Not saying that it should never be done, but if someone does try to do so again, they will definitely need to come up with a better plot line and put more effort into developing the film.

Personally, it seems a bit like the film was rushed and forced.

Overall, “Tusk” will not be seen as one of the movies that no one understood because it’s “ahead of its time”. It isn’t.

Theatrical trailer via Youtube.

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